Moondance Bed & Breakfast

Whether visiting Fond du Lac from out of town or just looking for a quiet weekend retreat, Moondance provides a Bed and Breakfast experience unlike any other. The wooded surroundings offer tranquility and year-round beauty, while the spacious guest house features all the amenities of home. This is a destination that inspires creativity not only with original works of art indoors but also sculptures and beautiful landscaping throughout the property.

The personal kitchen and living area afford a level of privacy that you wouldn't normally expect from a bed and breakfast. The rural location means that the only sounds you might hear are the birds and the wind in the trees. The refrigerator is stocked with complimentary beverages, pizza and breakfast ingredients which allows you to enjoy your stay on your schedule.

The environment at Moondance is so peaceful that you may want to stay there for your entire vacation, but the surrounding area has plenty to offer as well. There are several skiing, hiking and biking trails nearby including one within walking distance of Moondance. Downtown Fond du Lac offers a wide variety of activities and shops and is just a short drive away.

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